Clinical Research Support (CRS) manages a range of meetings that support clinical research studies and initiatives. The focus is to arrange, conduct, and record meetings mandated by the Center’s status as a NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC)

A component of the Data and Safety Monitoring functions that reviews studies druing annual renewal. Contact if you have any questions.

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) Meetings

Clinical Research Support provides administrative support for local Cancer Consortium DSMBs (as noted in the Institutional Data and Safety Monitoring Plan) and is contacted by the study team when upcoming DSMBs are initiated or scheduled. Contact if you have any questions. 

Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

The Scientific Review Committee is part of the Protocol Review & Monitoring System (PRMS) and is comprised of two sub-committees; A and B. The SRC reviews studies at initial submission and monitors ongoing studies for scientific progress, including accrual rates, new safety information that significantly alters the scientific value and safety, and scientific relevance. Contact if you have any questions.