Clinical Research Support

Scientific Review Committee

Mission and Objectives

All cancer-related intervention research protocols being submitted must receive scientific review as mandated by NCI. All trials are included -- industry-sponsored, NCTN, NIH, unfunded -- regardless of funding source. Clinical Research Support coordinates the scientific review for the Cancer Consortium. The scientific review process has been structured to support the full range of research embodied by the Cancer Consortium.

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is committed to reviewing research studies for scientific merit and integration of the research effort with regard to competing protocols and Cancer Consortium research priorities.

Scientific Review Committee

To accommodate the breadth of expertise required for scientific review, membership is comprised of two multi-disciplinary subcommittees. Expertise represented in each subcommittee includes laboratory science, clinical trial design and conduct, biostatistics, pharmacy, nursing and oncology specialties.

Elements of SRC review:

  • Scientific merit and interest
  • Potential clinical significance
  • Study design
  • Fit of eligibility criteria with the profile of Consortium patients
  • Value added by participation of Consortium investigators
  • Fit of the trial within the context of other open trials
  • Feasibility
  • Anticipated accrual
  • Potential for enrollment of underserved or special populations

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