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Contracts & Fiscal Management

What We Do

CRS Contracts & Fiscal Management negotiates and facilitates the execution of agreements related to industry-sponsored clinical trials.

Executing clinical trial agreements between the Center and industry sponsors involves negotiating numerous terms including publication, confidentiality, intellectual property rights, data ownership, indemnification, and subject injury language.

The CRS Contracts & Fiscal Manager of Industry Sponsored Agreements negotiates these terms with the intent of protecting the rights of the Center, the investigator, and the study subjects.  This process often takes several rounds of negotiations before a contract can be finalized.

Types of agreements may include:

  • industry-sponsored clinical trial agreements
  • investigator-initiated study agreements
  • confidential disclosure agreements related to clinical trials
  • amendments to any of these types of agreements


Once a clinical trial agreement is fully executed, the CRS Budget Analyst facilitates project setup and provides ongoing management of the project budget from activation to closeout.


Contact Information

If you receive a clinical trial-related agreement from an industry sponsor for a study that will go through the Center, please email the following to Sonja Halverson, CRS Contracts & Fiscal Manager, at


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