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Clinical Research Support (CRS) has launched a centralized electronic document repository to assist research teams in maintaining regulatory documentation.

The Clinical Research Resources Website (CRRW) -- a secured*, Web-accessible site available to study teams across the Consortium – also includes a growing library of useful information.

Currently, the CRRW houses over 4,000 documents (current and historical) ranging from regulatory documentation to study tools and training modules. Resources on the site include:

*Consortium members with HutchNet IDs automatically have access to the site. Consortium members who are affiliated with our partner institutions (SCCA/UW/Children’s) and would like access to this site will need to email Clinical Research Support to have a profile created.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t get in to the CRRW?

If you do not yet have an account, please contact

If you do have an account, but your password is not working, please continue reading below.

The CRRW is set up on a Fred Hutch SharePoint site that requires you to reset your password every 120 days. SharePoint does not send you password reset reminders so we encourage you to create reminders on your calendar.  In most cases, access issues can be resolved by resetting your password.

In order to reset your password, you will go to the Password Management page and request a temporary password.

Follow the steps for Forgot Your Password.

Once you receive the temporary password, wait 15 minutes before trying to use it.

Your username is the full email used to establish the account, and where you will receive the temporary password.

Go back to the Password Management page and log in with your username and that temporary password. Make sure you do not pick up any extra spaces if you copy and paste the temporary password from your email.

Follow the steps to Change Your Password using the temporary password in the box labeled current password.

We strongly suggest that you download the step-by-step walk-through PDF to assist you.

If you are still unable to login, please contact

Which parties would you like documents from? Who is represented on this list?

Our goal is to make this repository as current and useful as possible for research teams maintaining regulatory documentation.

Consortium research faculty and staff are encouraged to submit as many current and historical documents as possible. Documents we receive for any names listed on a Consortium study will be accepted, though we will only actively pursue documents for Consortium members.

(Please note: We do not have documents for every name currently listed in our database. If you have materials that should be in this library, please submit them to Clinical Research Support.)

Who can view these documents? How does one obtain access to the database?

Those with HutchNet IDs automatically have access to this SharePoint site. Enter the site via the button above and provide your Hutchnet info, if prompted.

If you would like access but do not have a Hutchnet ID, please contact Clinical Research Support at Instructions on how to create a profile will be emailed to you.

Is the site available to external monitors?

The site will only be accessible to those within the Consortium.

How quickly can I get access to the website?

For those without Hutchnet IDs: It should take approximately two business days for CRS to process your access request.

How do I submit documents?

You can either email the documentation to Clinical Research Support or submit the information through the SharePoint site.

If you have a large number of documents to submit at one time, we can work with you to have the documents transferred another way (e.g., via a flash drive).

How are the documents vetted?

All CVs should be handsigned and a date (whether typed or handwritten) needs to be visible. Please also ensure that all pages of the CV are included.

PDFs of licenses from the state's website will be accepted, as well as scans of hard copies.

How quickly will new submissions be posted?

Newly submitted documents should be posted within three business days (depending on volume submitted).

Will we get reminders of expired CVs?

Clinical Research Support will work on obtaining updated materials for those with documents expiring within the next 30 days.

If you have a newer version of a currently posted document, CRS will gladly accept it at any time.

What is meant by "current" vs. "historical" documents?

“Current” = Any document that hasn’t already expired.
"Historical" = Any document with an expiration date before today.

Whom do I contact if I see errors in the database?

Please email or call Clinical Research Support (206-667-4520).

How are the files named? What did you use for the file dates?

Documents on the Clinical Research Resources Website are filed using the following naming convention. (Documents submitted to or downloaded from the site may be named differently.)


Last_First_CV_YYYY_Month_DD or

  • File date = CV signature date
  • The “Release Issue Date” in database = CV signature date. (The “Expiration Date” will automatically = “Release Issue Date” + 1 year.)



  • The “Release/Issue Date” in database = “Last issue date” on the license; “Expiration Date” = “Expiration Date” on license
    • If “Last issue date” is not provided, the “Release/Issue Date” will = “First Issue Date” on license
    • “Release Issue Date” will = “Expiration Date” minus two years if no other dates are provided
  • File date = “Release Issue Date” used above
  • If a subject has more than one type of license (e.g., ARNP and RN), the files will be differentiated accordingly (e.g., Last_First_ARNP_License_YYYY_Month_DD)

What if a subject has more than one name?

For people who go by a name other than their given name:

  • File name = name printed on that document.
  • Documents uploaded to SharePoint will be filed under that person’s preferred name (if known).

I submitted a document, but I don’t see it on the site.

Your document may be going through our quality check process. If there is a question about your submission, you will be contacted by someone from our team. If you would like to know the status of your document, feel free to email

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