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The Consortium's Biostatistics Shared Resource provides collaborative statistical support to investigators and research projects. While the majority of the activities of this shared resource will go to support research trials, this expertise can be utilized by any Consortium member requiring biostatistics support, regardless of whether it is related to a research trial. For example, it is expected that investigators from basic and population sciences as well as clinical sciences will utilize the resource's new expertise in genomic and proteomic microarray analysis.

Key Contacts

Ted Gooley, PhD
1100 Fairview Ave N., M2-B230
Seattle, WA 98109-1024

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Biostatistics Resource

Biostatistical Collaboration

Our goal is to foster long-term collaborations between biostatisticians and other scientists in all phases of the research process. During the design phase, the statistician assists with such things as study design, selection of primary and secondary endpoints, sample size and power calculations, data collection instruments, and early stopping criteria. After a study is complete, the statistician assists in data analysis, interpretation of results, and preparation of manuscripts.


The current staff will make every effort to assist Consortium members who do not have other access to statistical support. Although the resource is limited, successful collaborations will enable the size of the resource to grow over time in a synergistic way.


We do not offer consultation on a "fee for service" basis. Support for small projects and the development of new projects is underwritten with funds from the NCI. Continuing collaborations above a nominal level of effort are expected to be funded through grants and contracts. Appropriate funding levels can be determined during development of a project proposal.

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