Clinical Research Support

Study Tools and Templates

CRS has also developed a collection of templates that study teams can use to improve study documentation and show appropriate PI oversight of investigations. These templates -- which can be downloaded from the Clinical Research Resources Website and customized to the requirements of your protocol -- may be used for both investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored studies when equivalent forms are not provided.

The following Study Tools (in addition to many others) can be found* under the "Study Management" section of the CRRW:

  • Adverse Event Log
  • Contact Log
  • CRS CV Template
  • Delegation of Authority Log
  • FDA Submission Tracking Log
  • Lab Documentation NTF
  • Note to File Template
  • Protocol Template - Solid Tumor
  • Protocol Template - Transplant
  • Synopsis Template

*Consortium members with HutchNet IDs automatically have access to the site. Others who would like access to the site will need to email Clinical Research Support to have a profile created.

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