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2017 Pilot Award Recipients

Eleven Fred Hutch/UW investigators received pilot awards supported by a combination of Fred Hutch/UW Cancer Center Support Grant funds and Safeway Inc. donor funds.  Each application went through a rigorous review process and recipients were chosen based on the scientific merit of their proposed projects.  Investigators chosen to receive funding were granted at least $80,000 to support their innovative research.  

Award Recipients

Safeway Grantees

Dr. Stacey Cohen (UW Division of Oncology/Fred Hutch Clinical Research Division/SCCA)
Optimization of therapy for colorectal cancer using a novel functional screen

Dr. Sergei Doulatov (UW School of Medicine)
Human pluripotent stem cell models of myelodysplastic syndromes

Dr. Dan Fu (UW Dept. of Chemistry)
A stain-free tissue scanner for rapid assessment of skull base tumors

Dr. Sita Kugel (Fred Hutch Human Biology Division)
SIRT6 as a novel barrier to metastasis in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor

Dr. Kerryn Reding (Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences Division/UW School of Nursing)
The role of treatment in racial disparities in breast cancer

Dr. Anthony Rongvaux (Fred Hutch Clinical Research Division)
The role of macrophages in metastatic melanoma

Dr. Supriya Saha (Fred Hutch Human Biology Division/UW School of Medicine)
Developing advanced model systems to evaluate novel targeted therapies in cholangiocarcinoma

Dr. Veena Shankaran (Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences/UW Medical Oncology)
A pilot study of a comprehensive financial navigation program in patients with newly diagnosed cancer


CCSG Grantees

Dr. Shreeram Akilesh (UW Medicine)
Tissue-engineered microphysiological system for cancer research

Dr. Taran Gujral (Fred Hutch Human Biology Division)
Microlysis Technology Enabling Cell Type-Specific Omics in Living Tissue

Dr. Susan Parkhurst (Fred Hutch Basic Sciences Division)
Nuclear Export of Macromolecular Complexes by Nuclear Envelope Budding


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