Catchment Area Health Pilot Awards

Release date: 11/12/20

Due date: 1/15/21

Funds are available from the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium (Consortium)’s Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) to support cancer-related pilot projects to increase cancer research that engages basic scientists and fosters the participation of community partners. Pilot grants must have at least one basic scientist as a named investigator and be relevant to cancer in the Consortium’s 13-county catchment area. You can learn more about cancer in the catchment area through the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment Report.

Projects addressing cancer health inequities in the catchment area will be especially competitive, e.g., projects relevant to underserved racial/ethnic minorities, rural populations, and populations with specific or emerging cancer burdens.  We are also specifically interested in projects that demonstrate the feasibility of bringing cutting edge science tools to these constituents. Direct costs should be no more than $80,000. The Principal Investigator or at least one co-Investigator, if applicable, must be a basic biomedical scientist.

The research plan should address basic research on cancers relevant to the catchment area, such as, but not limited to: lung cancer (top cause of cancer death in our area, particularly among the homeless and never-smokers in immigrant communities), liver cancer (among top 5 sites for Asian Americans, Hispanics and Pacific Islanders in our area), pancreatic cancer (among top 5 sites for non-Hispanic blacks), and genitourinary tract cancers (kidney, ureter and bladder).

The application and letter of support should be submitted via email as one complete PDF file to the Office of Community Outreach & Engagement via e-mail at EndDisparities@fredhutch.org. Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged within 48 business hours.

Request for Applications - Catchment Area Health Pilot Awards

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