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Below you will find information useful in preparing grants and contracts as well as establishing a research billable account for your trial.

Fred Hutch Industry Contracts

Fred Hutch Grants & Non-Industry Contracts

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)


Fred Hutch Industry Contracts

UW Grants and Contracts

Budgets and RRR Accounts

The Research Pricing process at the SCCA

It is the policy of the SCCA that research staff (PI, study coordinator, etc.) work collaboratively with the research implementation and research billing staff at the SCCA to ensure that billing for costs incurred in the conduct of clinical studies occur only as appropriate and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The PI is responsible for determining which services are research related and will be billed to a patient or a third party payer. The research staff must establish mechanisms to check the accuracy of all clinical services that are being billed to their study budget and notify the research billing staff if errors are discovered. Refer to the UW School of Medicine/SCCA policy 'Billing Compliance in Clinical Research" for more information.

A Research Services Checklist will need to be completed and routed to SCCA to facilitate charges to RRR accounts for all research activity occurring in the Women's Center, Gen Onc/4th floor, Procedure Suite, Infusion Services, Apheresis and Transplant Clinics. This form can be found at the SCCA Research Staff website.

RRR Accounts

RRR Accounts are mechanisms created to direct clinical trial charges to the research budget and not to the patient or his/her insurance.

Study Coordinators and Research Billing

The Study Coordinator completes the research activity fee sheet (billing form); routes the completed activity fee sheet to the coder; reviews the bill for expected and unexpected charts (if there are unexpected or disputed charges, study coordinator will contact the Research Billing Analyst to investigate disputed charges for resolution/correction); study coordinator authorizes payment of research services.

Accessing the UW Clinical Research Budgeting & Billing Support Office (CRBB)

In order for research staff to access the UW Clinical Research Budget and Billing (CRBB) Support's Online Toolkit or Detail Budget Tool, you will need a UW Net ID account. If you already have one, you will be able to login and access this information. If you have questions, email the CRBB office at

Information about obtaining a UW Net ID can be found here.

UWMC Laboratory Medicine Testing Services

Research Testing Services (RTS)

  • RTS was established to perform laboratory tests for HMC and UWMC investigators at cost. RTS fees are intended to recover direct costs only.
  • RTS tests are not charged to an RRR account; they are charged directly to your study's budget number.
  • Test results from RTS do not become part of the subject's medical record.

UWMC Laboratory Medicine Testing Services

  • Laboratory Medicine test results are done in standard clinical fashion and charged through the study's RRR account.
  • Test results from Laboratory Medicine testing services are entered into the subject's medical record so that the results can be used for clinical care.

More information can be found in the UWMC Research Handbook accessible with a UW Net ID account.

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