Clinical Research Support

Clinical FYI

Clinical FYI is a website that delivers current IRB-approved documents of research studies to research teams and clinicians.  Clinical FYI is housed on the CORE website (Clinical Oncology Research Entrance). 

Clinical Research Support maintains current versions of all study documents posted to FYI and, upon IRB approval, posts them to this secured website for use by study teams.


Studies Posted

Studies with consent forms are automatically posted. Studies without consent forms can be posted at the study team's request.



Posting Time Frame

Studies are posted within two business days of receipt of approval from the IRB.



Documents Posted

Study Documents

  • Protocol Document
  • Synopsis (Fred Hutch studies only)
  • Consent Forms

Regulatory Documents

  • Initial Approval Forms
  • Revision Forms
  • Renewal Forms

Clinical Trial Activity Summary Documents

  • Current and previous versions


Access to Clinical FYI is through the Clinical Oncology Research Entrance (CORE).

Fred Hutch/UW/Children's Employees:

If you require a CORE login, you can request one on the CORE site.

Collaborators at other institutions:

It is possible for Fred Hutch investigator-initiated trials to offer access to their collaborators using the Multi-Center Access portal. Studies interested in offering this to collaborators should contact Clinical Research Support to learn about the process and requirements.

Collaborators at other sites should work with their Fred Hutch study contact to obtain access for a study offering this type of access. Access will be limited to the specific study or studies required for the collaborator.

Fred Hutch study teams should use the FYI Multi-Center Access Modification Form to add or remove collaborator access to their study.

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