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Each year, through a highly competitive process, the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium awards research grants to fuel new scientific pursuits and interdisciplinary collaborations. Awards provide up to $80,000 in direct costs and support innovative proposals which are reviewed by Consortium experts and leaders. This year, a special focus has been placed on projects targeting cross-disciplinary translational research (¬), catchment area health (‡), and early career scientists (^). More than $1.6M in cancer-focused research funding has been awarded to 20 Consortium faculty since April 2018.


2018 Pilot Grant Awardees

Fred Hutch

Jonathan Bricker, PhD (Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention & Control): Say “hello” to your digital coach: Development and pilot randomized trial of the first conversational agent for smoking cessation

Karen Syrjala, PhD ¬ (Hematologic Malignancies): Physical activity after cancer treatment (PACT): Pilot study of effects of exercise on circulating microRNA biomarkers of cancer prognosis in stage II-III breast cancer survivors

University of Washington

Luis Ceze, PhD (Cancer Basic Biology): Real-time, single-molecule identification of p53 variants with a portable nanopore sensor array

Eleanor Chen, MD, PhD (Cancer Basic Biology): Identifying epigenetic drivers in RAS-dependent rhabdomyosarcoma

John Gore, MD (Prostate Cancer): Telehealth to reduce prostate cancer burden in rural underserved communities

Janie Lee, MD (Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention & Control): Receipt of screening mammography and association with outcomes in the Cancer Consortium catchment area

Ray Yeung, MD ¬ (GI Cancer): Cancer Seed: Building an artificial human cancer



2018 Safeway Pilot Grant Awardees

Fred Hutch

Slobodan Beronja, PhD ^ (Cancer Basic Biology): Functional genomics identifies drivers of breast cancer initiation

VK Gadi, MD, PhD ¬ ^ (Women’s Cancer): Development of a ctDNA assay for the early detection of resistance mutations in tumors with homologous recombination defects

Jaimee Heffner, PhD ^ (Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention & Control): A scalable e-health smoking cessation intervention for sexual and gender minority young adults

Supriya Saha, MD ^ (GI Cancer): Exploring immune surveillance in isocitrate dehydrogenase mutant cholangiocarcinoma

University of Washington

Cole DeForest, PhD ¬  ^ (Cancer Basic Biology): Disease-barcoded therapeutic targeting for cancer treatment

Liangcai Gu, PhD ^ (Cancer Basic Biology): Design of near-infrared light-actuatable biosensors for precise spatiotemporal control of CAR-T cell therapy

Andrea Hartzler, PhD ^ (Prostate Cancer): FAB: Design and feasibility of a Facebook fitness group for prostate cancer survivors

James Park, MD ¬ ^ (GI Cancer): Thorium-227 labeled anti-glypican-3 antibody therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma


2018 New Investigator Awardees

Fred Hutch

Neelendu Dey, MD ^ (GI Cancer): Identification of novel microbiome-encoded targets for prevention of colorectal cancer

Rachel Issaka, MD ^ (Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention & Control): Contributors to colorectal cancer disparities among American Indian/Alaska Native and African-American populations

Seattle Children’s

Vandana Kalia, PhD ^ (Immunology & Vaccine Development): Metabolic preconditioning as a springboard for PD-1 checkpoint blockade immunotherapy

University of Washington

Masaoki Kawasumi, MD, PhD ^ (Cancer Basic Biology): Epigenome editing for targeted DNA demethylation at the CDKN2A promoter to inhibit skin cancer metastasis

Bo Yu, MD ^ (Women’s Cancer): Altered fallopian tube microbiome and the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer


The Cancer Consortium’s mission is to eliminate cancer through more effective prevention, diagnostics and treatment, and fundamental insights into the biology of the disease. In a time where NIH funding is dwindling, the Cancer Consortium, via the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA015704), provides an important mechanism to stimulate innovative, first-in-kind research that will launch next-generation discoveries.

Congratulations to all of this year’s award recipients!


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